The Indian Peaks Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society (IPCAS) has been promoting and participating in Colorado Archaeology for over 25 years. Originally the Lyons Chapter of CAS, founded in 1982, the Indian Peaks Chapter was chartered in March 1990. The chapter began archaeological programming in January 1983 and has continued to organize a series of lectures, host field trips, provide volunteer opportunities, and publish a monthly newsletter – The Calumet, ever since.

In 2020, IPCAS hosted the Colorado Archaeological Society’s Annual Meeting. View information on the annual meeting.

We sponsor lectures throughout the year on a variety of topics ranging from edible wild foods to Pleistocene bone assemblages.  Lectures are free and open to the public.  View upcoming lectures.

Each summer we make available to Colorado archaeologists hundreds of hours of our skilled volunteer labor, on projects such as Caribou Lake, Devil’s Thumb, Pawnee Grasslands, Comanche Creek and many others, run by a wide variety of institutions, agencies and individuals.

We sponsor classes for the Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification run by the state Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation.

Members go on field trips to a wide variety of places including Rocky Mountain National Park, Chaco Canyon, Lamb Springs Preserve, the Lindenmeier Site, and History Colorado.

To enjoy our full benefits, become a member.  View membership information.

As a chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society, the Indian Peaks Chapter is a 501(c)(3) organization.