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The Sand Creek Massacre: The Betrayal that Changed Cheyenne and Arapaho People Forever

Sam Bock

Banner showing teepee at Sand Creek Massacre site and announcement for the new exhibit

The Sand Creek Massacre was the deadliest day in Colorado history, and it changed Cheyenne and Arapaho people forever. History Colorado has been working with the descendants of the massacre’s survivors to tell the stories of that horrible day as they’ve been passed down for generations. The new narrative emphasizing Cheyenne and Arapaho tribal knowledge reveals the ongoing trauma, the living history, and continuing efforts to heal from and commemorate Sand Creek that have been largely hidden from view. This presentation from History Colorado’s lead exhibit developer for the Sand Creek Massacre project will examine the new narratives the Tribes wish to present as well as provide a look into the process of co-creating the exhibition with the three Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes.

Sam Bock is History Colorado‚Äôs publications director and managing editor of The Colorado Magazine. He served as lead exhibition developer for The Sand Creek Massacre: The Betrayal that Changed Cheyenne and Arapaho People Forever. His graduate work at CU Boulder focused on the intersections of environmental and Indigenous history in the American West. He is a fourth-generation Coloradan born and raised in Boulder.

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