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When: Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 7:00 pm
Where: Microsoft Teams (Click here to join)
Cost: Free & Open to the Public


Reddin Redux: Looking Back at Folsom Settlement of the San Luis Valley, Colorado


Kelton Meyer



Much of our collective knowledge of the Folsom tradition comes from excavations at several well-stratified and/or single component bison kills and camps with distinguishable activity areas. Rarely do we include surface scatters as useful lines of evidence, especially those with overlapping components from different time periods. The Reddin Folsom site (5SH77) is an exceptionally large artifact scatter covering at least 84 acres in the northern San Luis Valley, Colorado. There are at least three widespread concentrations of broken Folsom weaponry and production debris, suggesting either aggregation or repetitious use of the landscape for hunting, camping, and retooling activities. A broad sequence of Archaic to Late Prehistoric tools and pottery establish additional occupations at the site, over several millennia after Folsom. Delineating the Folsom component, and resolving its significance, requires new theories and in-depth spatial analysis aimed at contextualizing complex surface scatters.  




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