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When: Thursday, June 11, 2020 AT 7:00 pm
Where: Click here to open the Google Meeting
Cost: Free & Open to the Public



The Boulder Apple Tree Project


Join Amelia Brackett and Chance Nelson to learn about the Boulder Apple Tree Project. The Boulder Apple Tree Project combines old-fashioned historical sleuthing with cutting-edge genetic testing and grafting, in the hopes of reviving one of Boulder’s long-dormant legacies: apple trees.


Check out Dr. Katie Suding’s TED Talk on the group’s work:


Amelia Brackett is a fourth year PhD student in environmental history at University of Colorado. Amelia’s dissertation focuses on the history of wildlife conservation in the Colorado Rockies. She also works as an exhibits coordinator at the Museum of Boulder. She’s worked with the Boulder Apple Tree Project for two years.

Chance Nelson is an undergraduate student double majoring in Anthropology and EBIO (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) at University of Colorado. Chance has worked with the Boulder Apple Tree Project since fall of 2019, focusing on utilizing historical aerial imagery to identify orchards.



May 2020: Christian Driver: The History of Settlers Park

February 2020: Dr. Jason LaBelle: Of Hearth and Home: Investigating the Fossil Creek Site, an Early Ceramic Era Campsite in Larimer County, Colorado

January 2020:  Laura Vernon & Jenna Wheaton: Gender, Social Networks, and Labor Disputes: Household Archaeology at the Industrial Mine Camp

November 2019: Kaitlyn Davis: Pueblo Agricultural Adaptations to Socioeconomic Changes in New Mexico

October 2019: Dr. Scott OrtmanK’uuyemugeh—Archaeology and History of a Tewa Community in New Mexico

April 2019: Ashleigh Knapp: Revisiting Little Sotol: the Story of a Long-Term Earth Oven Facility at the Southern Edge of the Great Plains

March 2019: Dr. Sarah Kurnick: History, Memories, and Social Change: Postclassic Maya Built Environments in the Northeast Yucatan Peninsula


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