Join or renew your membership in the Indian Peaks Chapter of the Colorado Archaeological Society!

The Colorado Archaeological Society is a private, non-profit organization established in 1935, and currently includes 12 chapters located throughout the state. The membership is comprised of avocationalists, students, and professionals interested in archaeology as well as the discovery, documentation, and protection of Colorado’s historic and prehistoric cultural resources.

Membership is open to any person interested in archaeology.  All members must agree to and adhere to the code of ethics.

Member Benefits

  • Membership in the Boulder area Indian Peaks Chapter, Colorado Archaeological Society (IPCAS)
  • Membership in the state-wide Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS)
  • Regular meetings with lectures by noted professional and avocational archaeologists. (Lectures in September, October, November, January, February, March, April and May)
  • IPCAS Newsletter, the Calumet, filled with articles, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities. (Published September – May)
  • Updates on local archaeological events.
  • The renowned CAS quarterly journal, Southwestern Lore.
  • The CAS quarterly newsletter The Surveyor.
  • Field trips to sites around Colorado and the western U.S.
  • Opportunities to participate in professionally supervised survey and excavation archaeological projects.
  • Opportunities to participate in professionally supervised laboratory projects.
  • Volunteer work and service projects.
  • Colorado Archaeological Society Annual Meetings.
  • Support Archaeological certification training (PAAC) offered in conjunction with History Colorado.
  • Camaraderie with other avocationalists, students, and professionals interested in archaeology and cultural preservation issues.

Classes of Membership

(A) Individual Membership. Individual members shall receive one copy of
Southwestern Lore and all IPCAS and CAS emails for members.

$28 per year

(B) Family Membership. Family Membership shall include one or two adult(s) and all named juvenile members of their family, or two adults living together in one household. Family members shall receive one copy of Southwestern Lore and all IPCAS and CAS emails for members. Adults are considered to be at least eighteen years of age or married.

$33 per year

(C) Student Membership. Student Membership shall be available to any individuals or families with current student identification. This category shall pay one-half the regular dues and shall receive one copy of Southwestern Lore and IPCAS and CAS emails for members.

$14 individual per year, $16.50 family per year

Join Through Online Portal:

NEW MEMBERS: The Colorado Archaeological Society recently has moved to an online membership application system. Select a membership option below to access Member365. Through the Member365 portal, you can select your membership class (individual, family, student).


EXISTING MEMBERS: If you have already registered for a 2018 membership or registered through Member365, log in to your Member365 account. You will be asked to log in using credentials you previously set up. You can reset your password. Renewal notices will be sent automatically 1 year after you sign up/last renewed.

Join Through Mail:

We encourage you to join through the online portal, but if you don’t have internet access, you can still join IPCAS through a paper-based version of the same membership application. Download the membership application: Indian Peaks Chapter Membership Application. Print, fill out the form, and mail the form enclosed with membership dues to IPCAS. Mail Memership forms to:

PO Box 18301, Boulder, CO 80308‐1301.

Please make check payable to: Indian Peaks Chapter, CAS.  Southwestern Lore is mailed to members in the Individual, Family, and Student membership categories.  All other communication is sent to members via email. Membership must be renewed each year on the anniversary date of the first time that you paid online. Renewal notices are sent through email.