Volunteer on an archaeological project!

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 Volunteer with the PaleoCultural Research Group (PCRG)

PCRG field trips for 2017 will be announced in Spring 2017.  Check the PCRG website for the latest information.

Click here for information on opportunities with the PaleoCultural Research Group.

PAAC Summer Training Survey 2017

Location: To Be Determined
Dates: Summer 2017

Each year the Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado (OSAC) sponsors an archaeological inventory (“survey”) on a parcel of state property, typically during the June-August period when few classes are scheduled. The purposes of the survey are to provide field training in surveying techniques for PAAC volunteers, applicable toward certification requirements, and to help OSAC meet its statutory obligations to inventory land within Colorado. Previously undocumented archaeological and historical sites are discovered during the inventory, and added to OSAC’s database for use in future research.

Because PAAC training sites such as the Pawnee Buttes are in remote locations lacking public facilities of any sort, and involve hiking across somewhat rugged terrain, prospective participants must be in reasonably good physical condition. The ability to contend with hot summer days, bothersome insects, and generally primitive working conditions is a necessity. Volunteers must supply their own transportation, room and board, daypack and personal gear such as canteens, but there is no fee for participation. The Office of the State Archaeologist of Colorado (OSAC) supplies all surveying, recording and mapping equipment as well as the professional archaeologist(s) who supervises the volunteers.

Click here for more information on the PAAC Summer Survey.

US Forest Service Passport in Time

Passport in Time (PIT) is a volunteer archaeology and historic preservation program of the US Forest Service (FS). PIT volunteers work with professional FS archaeologists and historians on national forests throughout the U.S. on such diverse activities as archaeological survey and excavation, rock art restoration, archival research, historic structure restoration, oral history gathering, and analysis and curation of artifacts. The FS professional staff of archaeologists and historians will be your hosts, guides, and co-workers.  Click here for  information on the Passport in Time(PIT) program.

Archaeological Field Schools

Field School Opportunities listed for locations around the world.  Click here for information on the Archaeological Fieldwork Field Schools.

Archaeological Institute of America

Field work opportunities offered by Archaeological Institute of America.  Click here for information on Archaeological Institute of America Fieldwork Opportunities.