Debbie Smith

Debbie at Long House, Wetherill mesa. Photo courtesy of Debbie Smith

I became aware of  IPCAS through the ‘PAAC door’. I have had a lifelong interest in archaeology and paleontology, which led me to volunteer as a docent at the CU Natural History Museum. I hoped to learn more about both subjects by working there, and I did, but I wanted to broaden my knowledge base even further in order to be a better tour guide. A fellow docent told me about the PAAC classes and I took my first class in 2007 and finished up all 13 classes in 2015. The PAAC classes made me realize that I could do more than just read about archaeology, that I could actually do archaeology as a volunteer. I enjoyed all the classes and met g reat people there which led me to finally join IPCAS a few years ago.

Since then I have enjoyed meeting people who share my interest in archaeology at the monthly lectures and on various field trips, including this year’s trip to Mesa Verde and southwest Colorado. Through membership I also became aware of the many volunteer opportunities in archaeology and have participated in a couple of surveys and look forward to one day participating in an excavation. I became secretary in August of 2014, my way of saying “thanks” to IPCAS for providing me so many enriching experiences.