Colorado Archaeological Society

Indian Peaks Chapter, Colorado Archaeological Society is one of the eleven Chapters of the Colorado Archaeological Society.

The Colorado Archaeological Society (CAS) came into existence in 1935 as a focus for people having interests in the history and prehistory of humans in Colorado. The Chipeta Chapter, in Montrose, CO, was also founded in 1935 and is the oldest continuously active chapter. Subsequently, other groups were established in other Colorado cities, and a state organization was created.

This collective interest in archaeology led to the establishment of the office of the State Archaeologist within the Colorado Historical Society, a state government agency.

CAS became involved in all phases of archaeology and members realized the need for training in the various aspects of what they were doing. Consequently they started training programs to meet these needs. Originally, qualified CAS members provided such training for the other members. After the establishment of the office of the State Archaeologist, that office undertook providing such training. It has now evolved into the Program for Avocational Archaeological Certification (PAAC), taught by the eminently well-qualified Assistant State Archaeologist. PAAC offers training at each of the CAS Chapters several times in each year, in classes covering a wide range of topics.

Now, with a history of more than 75 years, CAS has eleven Chapters throughout Colorado and has developed many programs, research projects, and activities.

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