Previous Speakers & Lectures

Below is a list of Previous Speakers and their Lecture Titles (where available). This list will be updated annually.

Click Here for a document of the past programs compiled by the IPCAS archivist Kris Holien.

Chris and Allison KernsBuried Underground: The Excavation and Re-Examination of Iron Age Activity at Read’s Cavern, Southwest EnglandNovember 2017

Speaker Title Month/Year
Keith Abernathy Laramie River Survey near Woods Landing, WY October 1983
Dr. Boulas Ayad Egyptian Archaeology September 1988
Harold Baillie Research on Lithic Assemblages Within the Lower Rio Verde River Valley Region of Oaxaca, Mexico March 2011
Dr. Doug Bamforth New Perspectives on Early Human Occupation of the Great Plains January 1991
Investigation at the Windy Ridge Quarry September 1994
Warfare on the Plains November 1998
Willow Bunker Project Progress Report March 2000
Megaliths to Microscopes in the Irish Neolithic April 2002
Windy Ridge: Hunter-Gatherer Mining on the Continental Divide February 2004
Industrial Middle Woodland Bison Hunting on the Great Plains April 2005
Pre-Contact Settlement Evidence in Northwestern Nebraska February 2007
Mahaffy Clovis Cache September 2009
Where is the American Southwest and Why Is It No Longer There Anymore? September 2016
Dr. Timothy Baugh Who Were Those Painted Marauders? The Comanche Problem Revisited February 1986
Erin Baxter Fire, Sweet Corn, Violence, Demography, Woodrow Wilson and the Lindberghs:  A New History of Aztec Ruins Excavated from Earl Morris’s Field Notes March 2015
Yardley Beers An American Volunteer in Great Britain: Peel and St. Albans April 1996
Dr. Jim Benedict Footprints in the Snow: Prehistoric Human Use of the High Altitude Front Range Ecosystems March 1992
The Devil’s Thumb Game Drive Site 5BL3440 March 1997
A Revisit to the Fourth of July Valley Site, Site 5BL120 May 2002
Archaeology Above Timberline May 2010
Dr. Larry Benson Winnemucca Lake, Nevada Petroglyph Site 10,500 to 14,800 Years B.P. March 2017
Keith Bilby flintknapping demo September 2008
Kevin Black Human Burials May 1999
Progress Report on PAAC Summer Training Survey in South Park, CO January 2001
Lots of Rocks: Archaeology in Pike’s Stockade Area January 2005
Colorado Lithics: Who Doesn’t Love Rocks? January 2008
Lithic Sourcing January 2010
The Snowmastodon Project, Site 5PT1264 May 2012
PAACing It In: A Moon Dance in Archaeology November 2016
Fred Blackburn A Progress Report on the Wetherill Project February 1988
Dr. Bruce Bradley Lithic Technology February 1985
John Bradley Survey of BLM Land in Eastern Utah September 1983
James Brady Application of Aerial Photography to Archaeology March 1983
Dr. Nicole Branton Manzanar War Relocation Center: A WWII Japanese American Internment Camp in CA October 2002
Tie Hacking Camps March 2008
Rocky Mountain Aircraft Crashes November 2011
Dr. Bob Brunswig MultiDisciplinary Investigations on the Pawnee National Grassland, UNC South Platte Project March 1994
South Platte Project 1994 Research Results November 1994
West Stoneham Archaeological District Update November 1995
Paleoenvironmental and Cultural Change in Northeastern Colorado: New Insights and Prospects April 1997
Mountain Lowland Archaeology of Southern France October 1998
RMNP Survey Project Progress Report April 2000
Ritual and Cultural Adaptations in the Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Pyrenees October 2003
Roman Archaeology in Roman Gaul January 2006
UNC’s North Park Cultural Landscapes Project Archaeological Research into Ten Millennia of Mountain Basin Hunting and Gathering April 2008
Archaeological Research at UNC and Beyond March 2010
Story of Dearfield, Colorado: AfricanAmerican Agricultural Community in the early 20th Century April 2011
Building Transnational Mountain Archaeology Collaborative Research Programs in Rocky Mountain National Park and Tatra National Parks of Poland and Slovakia April 2012
Archaeology and Thirteen Millenia of Native American Occupation in Rocky Mountain NP: A century of Exploring Cultural Heritage in the Park May 2015
Dr. Bill Buckles Historic Archaeological Sites in and Around Pueblo, CO January 1995
Ancient Pathways of Great Britain January 2000
Michael Burney Archaeological Remains of Tres Ritos Hills, New Mexico, High Altitude Archaeology at 11,400 Feet January 1985
The Archaeology of Dowe Flats May 1993
Cultural Resource Management in Colorado’s Indian Country: The Dowe Flat’s Project February 1994
Dr. Bill Butler Ilinwek Village in NE Missouri March 1996
What’s New at Rocky (Mountain NP) October 2005
Fur Trade Forts of Colorado March 2013
Dr. Cathy Cameron Bluff Great House March 1998
Exploring the Northern Frontier of the Chacoan Regional System (Bluff Great House) May 2001
The Archaeology of Comb Ridge, Southeastern Utah November 2014
Jeff Campbell Sand Creek Misconceptions and Myths May 2008
Dr. Steve Cassells Early Man Settlements in Colorado February 1984
Front Range Archaeology July 1985
Anasazi PitHouse Villages, North of Bluff, Utah November 1999
John Cater Yellow Jacket Site in SW Colorado November 1987
Mark Chenault The Pueblo Anasazi of Yellow Jacket September 1984
Dr. Bonnie Clark Archaeology of Amache: Colorado’s Japanese American Internment Camp October 2013
M. Jean Clottes Magnificent Rock Art The Chauvet Cave May 1996
Larry Colbenson Orienteering August 1985
Dr. Susan Collins Architectural Geometry of Mesa Verde Great Pueblo Structure January 1989
Saving Our Past for the Future Conservation Efforts in Colorado Archaeology Today March 1990
Dr. Larry Conyers Using Ground Penetrating Radar to Discover and Map Archaeological Sites February 2000
Judy Cooper From Lithic Scatters to Bison Kills: Using GPS at Different Scales of Archaeological Investigation March 2009
Dr. Linda Cordell Better Living Through Chemistry in the Ancient Southwest May 2000
Dr. Jane Day Images of Gold on Costa Rican Pottery September 1987
unknown topic October 1989
Dr. Jim Dixon Remote Sensing August 1989
Quest for the Origins of the First Americans April 1994
The Lamb Spring Site February 1996
Ancient Remains at Alaskan Burial Site October 1996
The First Americans October 2001
Steve Dominguez A Transhumant Home, Where the Buffalo Roam: Archaeological Investigation on the South Platte March 1986
Roger Echo-Hawk The Use of Oral Tradition and Archaeology in Understanding Ancient Indian History January 1993
Dr. Frank Eddy Chimney Rock- Past, Present, Future? May 1984
Galisteo Basin Project April 1987
Remote Sensing in the Galisteo Basin October 1990
Working in the Sinai Peninsula October 1999
Dr. John (Jack) Eddy Mystery of the Medicine Wheels May 1986
The Search for the Ancient Sun March 1987
Dr. Scott Elias Insects in Archaeological Sites October 1995
Priscilla Ellwood Plains Pottery April 1989
Jeff Ferguson flintknapping demonstration March 2002
Analysis of the Colorado Obsidian Database November 2003
Julie Francis Rock Art of High Plains and Inter Mountain West February 1999
Kenny Frost Ancestral Graves and the Archaeology of an 8,000 Year old Skeleton Found in Colorado Mountains January 1994
Dr. Phil Geib Basketmaker II Warfare and Fending Sticks in the North America Southwest May 2017
Dr. Kevin Gilmore Franktown Cave (5DA272): New Analysis of Data and Its Relation to Apachean Migrations April 2017
Pete Gleichman Rock Creek Campsite in Boulder County February 1991
Summary of the 1993 Rock Creek Excavation May 1994
The Final Word on Rock Creek November 1996
Indigenous Sites of Boulder County April 2013
Sheila Goff Mantle’s Cave Site February 2008
Ivol Hagar Archaeology of the Front Range April 1984
Colorado Archaeology The Rewards for an Avocational Archaeologist March 1988
Swallow Site May 1989
Travels in Copan and Tikal November 1990
Bill Hammond An Illustrated History of the Swallow Site 5JF321 April 1993
Swallow Site Update April 2004
O.D. Hand The Tremont House Excavation Archaeology in Historic Downtown Denver September 1990
Lena Gulch Site near Golden October 2000
Neil Hauser Blackfoot Cave Project May 2013
Paul Heinrich Laramie River Survey near Woods Landing October 1983
Guy Hepp La Consentida: The Origins of Village Life in Coastal Oaxaca, Mexico November 2015
Dr. Robert Hohlfelder Underwater Archaeology of Caesarea Maritima, Israel February 1987
The Mystery of Aperlae: A Submerged Coastal town of Ancient Lycia October 1997
Rome’s Maritime Architectural Revolution January 2004
Dr. Steve Holen Preclovis Mammoth Sites January 2003
The Mammoth Steppe Hypothesis: Early Humans in North America and the Origin of the Clovis Culture February 2006
Lucille Housley The Botanist as Anthropologist April 1985
Dr. Hannah Huse From Pots to Potters:  A Case Study of the Hopi Kawika-a Ceramic Collection November 1984
Dr. Calvin Jennings Applied Archaeology: Crime Scene Investigation and Reconstruction September 2005
Lindsay Johansson It Takes a Village: Community Life Among the Fremont of the Northern Southwest September 2015
Julia Johnson History of the Wetherill Grand Gulch Research Project in Words, Music and Slides February 1990
Chris Johnston Archaeology of Niwot Ridge and Surrounding High Altitude Landscapes of the Front Range January 2015
Running of the Buffalo: The Archaeology of the Roberts Buffalo Jump (5LR100), Northern Colorado January 2017
Dr. Art Joyce Archaeology and History of the Tututepec Empire, Oaxaca, Mexico February 2003
Rio Viejo Site, Oaxaca, Mexico April 2010
Steve Kalasz Magic Mountain Site: Results of 1994 Excavations April 1995
Chris Kerns Neolithic Lifeways: Interweaving Spatial, Temporal and Monumental Evidence of Past Human Behavior in Neolithic Orkney, Scotland April 2015
Dr. Michael Kimball Saving Skwaasutek: Protecting the Petroglyphs of Coastal Maine October 2009
Jean Kindig Two Ceramic Sites in the Indian Peaks Wilderness January 1997
Dr. Marcel Kornfeld Paleoindian Prehistory in Middle Park November 2001
Dr. Jason LaBelle From Lindenmeier to Lykins Valley 12,000 Years of Archaeology on the Soapstone Prairie and Red Mountain Ranches of Larimer County May 2007
Archaeology of Rollins Pass Area September 2012
Dr. Fred Lange Donning the Yellow Jacket, Winning the Masters In Southwestern Colorado January 1986
Chuck LaRue Ancient Woodworking, Animal Use and Hunting Practices in Southeastern Utah: New Insights from the Study of Early Perishable Collections April 2016
Becky Latanich Unknown Topic October 2008
Dr. Craig Lee Withering Ice Patches A New Paleo-ecological/Archaeological Research Frontier in the Western United States January 2007
Ice Patch Archaeology May 2011
Dr. Steve Lekson Chaco Canyon and the Anasazi of Southwest Colorado February 1993
Bluff Great House March 1998
Update on the Work at Casa Grandes September 1999
Canada Alamosa September 2003
Yellow Jacket The Largest Mesa Verde Town March 2012
The Ancient Southwest February 2014
Chaco Canyon May 2014
Ancient North America, Entire Chaco, Cahokia, Tula, Chichen Itza and Aztatlan February 2015
Janet Lever Recording Rock Art at the Pinon Maneuver Site November 1989
What Makes a Site Sacred? November 1991
A Holistic Approach to Viewing and Recording Rock Art November 1993
Recording Rock Art from Utah to Zimbabwe February 1997
J. David Lewis-Williams Shamanism and Ritual in the San Rock Paintings of South Africa May 1997
Dr. Bill Lipe Glen Canyon Archaeology October 2012
Rick Lippincott Did You See that Mastodon Down By the Creek?: Highlights of Colorado Archaeology September 1992
Dr. Bill Lucius Teaching Sherds to Speak Time, Space Exchange January 1988
City of Boulder Open Space Proposal/Miller Camp Cultural Resource Evaluation Project January 1990
The Glade Road Rock Shelter, and Update on the Animas LaPlata Project October 1992
Dr. Hugo Ludena Peruvian Culture Before the Incas November 1986
Ray Lyons Rock Art of Browns Park March 1984
Dr. J. McKim Malville Astronomy and the Anasazi October 1988
Archaeoastronomy Remote Sensing September 1989
Ancient Astronomy in India and the American Southwest April 1991
Astronomy of Chimney Rock February 1998
The People, the Moon, and the Great House at Chimney Rock November 2010
Dr. Steve Manning Rock Art of Southeastern Utah April 1986
Marilyn Martorano Identifying and Recording Culturally Peeled Ponderosa Pine Trees August 1988
Neffra Mathews Photogrammetry November 2009
Dr. Terry McCabe Relationship Between Development and Conservation in Ngorongoro, Tanzania  April 1990
Dr. Lynda McNeil San Juan Basketmaker II and Headdress Designs:  Linguistic Artifacts with Roots in Western Mexico October 2014
The Kiowa Odyssey: Evidence of Historical Relationships Among Pueblo, Fremont and Northwest Plains People February 2017
Tom Meier Sand Creek Massacre Site March 2001
Dr. Ronald Messier Empires of Ancient Morocco October 1998
Dr. Samantha Messier Empires of Ancient Morocco October 1998
Dr. Mark Mitchell Native American Rock Art Traditions of the Upper Arkansas River Basin, 1500-1850 AD May 2004
Archaeology of the San Juan High Country: New Views from the Uncompahgre Cirque Site January 2013
Return to Upper Crossing: What New Architectural Data Tell Us about American Indian Settlement Systems in the Southern Rocky Mountains March 2016
Jeannette Mobley-Tanaka Current Research at Yellow Jacket October 1991
Yellow Jacket Site in Southwestern Colorado April 2001
Dr. Bob Mutaw Archaeological Investigations near Parker, CO October 2004
Dr. Sarah Nelson Origin of Agriculture in Northeast China March 1989
Dr. Sarah Nelson Korean Archaeology Burial of the Silla Queens September 1995
Cody Newton Protohistoric Period in North-Central Colorado: The Lykins Valley Site (5LR263) Revisited November 2008
Tom Noble Photogrammetry November 2009
Dr. Holly Norton Archaeological Evidence of the 1733 St. Jan Slave Rebellion in the Danish West Indies February 2016
Bob Nykamp Volunteer Program in the Rout National Forest and How You Can participate May 1988
Volunteer Opportunities in Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest; Rasmussen Pleistocene Fossils and Porcupine Cave, Central Colorado January 1996
Michael Oberndorf The North Table Mountain Site March 1995
Ted Oppelt Prehistoric Ceramics of the Southwest April 2006
Dr. Scott Ortman What the Pueblos Can Teach Us About Social Development May 2014
Mark Owens Archaeological Evidence Supporting Apishapa Phase Warfare September 2010
Apishapa Stage of Archaeology in SE Colorado October 1987
Jeff Pappas Devils Tower March 2007
Bob Patten Lithic Forensics: A Case of Rock Dismemberment January 2002
Dr. Carol Patterson The Interpretive Project of Rock Art of the Uncompahgre Plateau September 2007
Ann Phillips The Basketmaker Revisted ..Again January 2009
The Rock Art of Upper Sand Island January 2014
Jim Pilkington Anthropology of Palau November 2002
Dr. Bonnie Pitblado Late PaleoIndian Occupation of the Chance Gulch Site, Gunnison County, CO November 2000
Bob Powell Indonesia Archaeology Past and Present September 1993
Mayan sites in Oaxaca, Mexico January 1998
Mayan Archaeology in Copan, Honduras January 1999
Kendra Przekwas Bear Images in Cultural Pathways of Native Americans       November 2006
Katy Putsavage Ancient Function of Mesa Verde Mugs February 2009
Don Rasmussen Nykamp  Volunteer Opportunities in Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forest; Rasmussen Pleistocene Fossils and Porcupine Cave, Central Colorado January 1996
Dr. John Ravesloot The Casa Grandes Complex and the Paquime Archaeological Site September 1997
Marcy Reiser The Stories Trees Tell: Dendroarchaeology and Culturally Modified Trees in Northern Colorado and Wyoming January 2012
Robin Roberts Historic Homesteads on the Pawnee National Grassland November 2007
Robert Rushforth Aviation Archaeology February 2010
Travis Rupp Ales of Antiquity December 2017
Dr. Dean Saitta Ludlow Massacre Site in Southern Colorado September 2000
Dr. Dean Saitta Excavating and Remembering Ludlow 100th Anniversary April 2014
Dr. Doug Scott Sand Creek Massacre Site October 2011
Linda Scott Cummings Prehistoric Diets in the Old And New Worlds March 2003
Prehistoric Diets in the Old and New Worlds September 2004
Jakob Sedig An Examination of Projectile Point Use in the Northern American Southwest, A.D. 9001300 September 2011
Preliminary Archaeological Research at Woodrow Ruin (SW New Mexico) Prehistoric Mimbres Culture November 2012
Three Years of Research at Woodrow Ruin: Uncovering an “Atypical” Mimbres Site November 2013
Mimbres Culture and Sites June 2015
Dr. Fred Sellet UNC’s North Park Cultural Landscapes Project Archaeological Research into Ten Millennia of Mountain Basin Hunting and Gathering April 2008
UNC’s North Park Cultural Landscapes Project, Paleoenvironment Reconstruction Research Results May 2009
Archaeological Research at UNC and Beyond March 2010
Tom Severs Remote Sensing for Archaeological Sites September 1986
Dr. Payson Sheets Archaeology and Volcanism in the Arenal Zone of Costa Rica August 1984
Ceren Site, El Salvador February 1989
Ceren A Village Frozen in Time, Archaeology in PreColumbian El Salvador  January 1992
Joya de Ceren November 1997
Joya de Ceren May 1998
What if the Maya Commoners of the Classic Period had Choices? February 2002
Did the Ilopango Eruption in El Salvador Cause the Collapse of Teotihuacan? October 2015
Heidi Short Geophysics and Excavating at the Alonzo Allen Cabin Site near Allenspark March 2014
Diane Sieber Noble/Savage: Early Spanish Ethnography in the American Southwest September 2002
Dr. John Slay Archaeology of Arapaho/Roosevelt National Forests September 1991
Rock Art Sites in West Central Colorado March 2005
Dr. Jack Smith Scandinavian Viking Ships September 1998
Russell Smith Archaeology Tour of Petra November 2000
Shannon Smith Effects of Fires and Firefighting In and Around Archaeological Sites February 2001
Caitlin Sommer Feathered Artifacts in the Mantle’s Cave Collection at the CU Museum February 2011
Vince Spero The Archaeology of the San Juan Mountains, from Paleo to Historic October 1993
Dr. Tom Stafford Work in Chile this past year with 8900 radiocarbon year old Human Skeletons April 2007
Sierra Standish A Subtle Story: The Historic Trails of Rocky Mountain National Park May 2005
Dr. Dennis Stanford The PaleoIndian Occupation of Colorado May 1992
Dr. Omar Stewart Peyotism in the West October 1984
Dr. Mark Stiger Paleoindian and Archaic in Western Colorado September 2001
Morey Stinson The Rock Art of the Four Corners and Beyond February 2005
Sue Struthers Faunal Remains at Senec Dam May 1990
Jean Stuck Historical Forts November 2005
Tracy Sweely Invisible Maya: Locating Non-Platform Dwellings Using Electromagnetic Induction March 2004
Marcia Tate Front Range Archaeology August 1987
Dock Teegarden Stone Circle Field trip from Flatirons Vista November 1992
Dr. Larry Todd Taphonomy, The Study of Bone Assemblages in Prehistoric Sites May 1987
Archaic Bison Hunters of Northern Colorado April 1999
Alice Tratebas Whoop-Up Canyon, Wyoming Dating, Fire Damage and Finished Photogrammetry October 2010
Dr. Gordon Tucker Archaeology of the new Denver Airport Site April 1992
Joanne Turner Pleistocene/Holocene Quarry and Living Site in Southwestern Montana February 1995
Dr. Mort Turner Pleistocene/Holocene Quarry and Living Site in Southwestern Montana February 1995
Dr. Hara Tzavella-Evjen Lithares: An Early Bronze Age Settlement Dated 3000-2000 BC October 1986
Dr. Dennis Van Gerven Life and Death in Ancient Nubia September 1985
Meg Van Ness Ethnobotany of Pinon Canyon January 1987
Plant Remains in Archaeological Sites May 1995
R.A. Varney Setting the Stage for Cultures: Modeling Colorado Climate September 2006
R.A. Varney Radio Carbon Dating: The Background Information Many Archaeologists Never Get February 2012
Chris VonWedell History of Glass Beads in America October 2007
Dr. Nicole Waguespack Waguespack Recent Excavations at Barger Gulch March 2006
Dr. Deward Walker American Indians in Cultural Resource Management November 1988
Cherie Walth How to Recognize Human Bone November 2004
Laurie Webster Ancient Woodworking, Animal Use and Hunting Practices in Southeastern Utah: New Insights from the Study of Early Perishable Collections April 2016
Errin Weller Satellite Imagery Use at Mayan Sites in Guatemala October 2006
Chuck Wheeler Windy Gap Project February 1983
Dr. Jane Wheeler Llama and Alpaca Origins, and Real High Altitude Archaeology in the Andes November 1985
Laurie White Rock Art January 2011
Montoya Whiteman Sand Creek Massacre September 2014
Dr. Leslie Wildesen Impact on Our Archaeological Treasures October 1985
David Williams Research on Lithic Assemblages Within the Lower Rio Verde River Valley Region of Oaxaca, Mexico March 2011
Phil Williams Macedonia Excavation April 2009
Dr. Richard Wilshusen Unstuffing the Estufu: Ritual Features in Pueblo Pit Structures, AD 8501900 April 1988
New Secrets from an Ancient Sea, Underwater Exploration at Caesara Maritima February 1992
Recent Research in Post Pueblo Archaeology in the Four Corners March 1999
The Dine at the Edge of History: Navajo Enthogenesis in the Northern Southwest Between AD 1500-1750 February 2013
Great Houses, Great Leaders and Great Change: Mesa Verde’s Role in the Creation of the Chaco World May 2016
Dr. Peter Wood Missing the Boat: Ancient Dugout Canoes in the Mississippi and Missouri River Valleys January 2016
Ken Wright Machu Picchu: New Discoveries May 2003
Mesa Verde Ancient Water Harvesting May 2006
Ruth Wright Machu Picchu: New Discoveries May 2003
Mesa Verde Ancient Water Harvesting May 2006
Courtney Yilk Recording Rock Art from Utah to Zimbabwe February 1997
Dr. Christian Zier Recent Archaeological Work at Fort Carson, CO May 1991
The Archaeology of Archaeology: Reconstructing Trinchera Cave October 2016