Daniel J. Schneider

Dan using an atlatl with IPCAS in December 2018. (Katy Waechter)

Daniel J. Schneider is an award-winning journalist, a documentary photographer, a self-described history nerd, and a real nerd-nerd.

Daniel joined Colorado Public Radio in 2018, bringing more than 13 years of experience as an online news producer, strategist and developer for The Denver Post, where he played an important role in coverage of the Aurora theater shooting that helped The Denver Post earn the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News.

During his tenure, Daniel and the teams he contributed to won dozens of awards from the Best of the West, Colorado Associated Press Editors and Reporters, Editor & Publisher EPPY Awards and Society of Professional Journalists Colorado Pro Chapter contests.

Daniel frequently worked to bring complex data down to earth for readers while covering the impacts of violence, flooding and wildfires. He hand-created dozens of unique online presentations for the newspaper’s investigations and features. He also regularly contributed as a writer to The Denver Post’s weekday email newsletter, “The Mile High Roundup,” and reported occasional tech and culture stories. There he built first-of-their-kind digital projects and experiments including the marijuana-focused online vertical “The Cannabist,” and the entertainment vertical “The Know.”

At Colorado Public Radio, Daniel is responsible for the every-weekday email newsletter, The Lookout, as well as contributing to election coverage and data presentation, and newsroom workflow strategies.

Daniel’s photographic work is still made using medium-format film and focuses on Colorado and the Intermountain West, following the aesthetics of the New Topographic school. His film photography website features more than 100 vintage camera reviews and has been featured in many “best of” columns. He has written for Popular Photography and other niche publications, and been features on Emulsive, Japan Camera Hunter, Physical Grain and more.

Kit Carson County, Colorado. August, 2015. (Daniel J. Schneider)

Daniel’s interest in history was spurred by family road trips throughout the 1980s and early 1990s, which often involved pulling over at every marker and overlook, and which have taken him to nearly half of the country’s national parks and monuments. Since then Daniel has made it his priority to spend vacation time exploring Colorado and the West’s outdoors, with a focus on Native American, extractive and settlement histories in the region.